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Odyssey Messaging Rest API provides two authentification ways: Basic Authentification or OAuth 2.

Basic authentication

HTTP requests to the REST API are protected with HTTP Basic authentication. The request must specify the key “Authorization”  in the HTTP header. The value of this key is a String such as “Basic {authenticationToken}” where {authenticationToken} is the base64 of the user login and its Password separated by the character “:” (colon).

If your user is 55XXX.restAPITest and your password is 1234567
You must create a string : 55XXX.restAPITest:1234567
Then encode it in base64.: “NTVYWFgucmVzdEFQSVRlc3Q6MTIzNDU2Nw==
You must add this property in your HTTP header :
“Authorization” : “Basic NTVYWFgucmVzdEFQSVRlc3Q6MTIzNDU2Nw==”

curl -H "Authorization: Basic NTVYWFgucmVzdEFQSVRlc3Q6MTIzNDU2Nw=="
Basic authentification