Our purpose is to facilitate your multi channel communication through SMS, Email, Faxes, Voice messages, Mail messages and Mobile Push. In addition to our customer portal, and our full service options, we have created a set of simple APIs that will allow you to easily interact between your applications and our platform.

Odyssey offers a wide range of APIs and options to interconnect, including REST API, SOAP API, SMTP Gateway, Webhook and others. If you don’t find the documentation you expect here, please contact your local Odyssey dealer (see contact forms below).

Quick intro to our key concepts:

In Odyssey system, a message is a collection of documents, that you want to transmit to an address list with specifics options. Once we receive your Documents, Recipient lists and Options, we create what we call a job. Each job has a unique ID which we create for you as well as a reference called tracking Id which you choose. Options can be either selected for each job or configured by us beforehand in a default option set that we call a Jobtype.

What sending messages via ODYSSEY API looks like

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